The Gold Standard for Karaoke CD+G Software

Karaoke Builder
YOU can build it!
Type in a song. Tap to the music. Build it. Play it. Done!
As good as the pros because they use it too!

The secret is out - major karaoke CD+G companies now choose Karaoke Builder Studio as their main production tool. Now you can build karaoke tracks just like the professionals, with software which is simple to use yet includes a powerhouse of valuable tools, all ready when you need them.

Tracks created with Karaoke Builder Studio will play in any karaoke CD+G machine. Karaoke hosts can add new songs, singers can bring along their own custom-built creations, and professionals can use Karaoke Builder Studio to master unique, commercial-quality CD+G discs. Or if you just want to sing along at home with friends and family, Karaoke Builder Studio is for you!