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Karaoke Builder
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Karaoke Builder Studio 5 - The best is now better than ever!

Karaoke Builder Studio 5 is our best and biggest update ever.

Great New Look

New Look
We've given everything in Karaoke Builder Studio a makeover - a fresh new look, with all controls easier to see and easier use.

Unicode Support
Support for all Unicode left-to-right (LTR) scripts, characters, fonts and languages is now standard. Build tracks in Greek, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, and more - it's all part of Karaoke Builder Studio 5.

Bigger, Brighter, Better
More new features and improvements than we can possibly describe here - so much is new that we jumped straight to version 5! Download a no-obligation trial copy today, or upgrade from version 3 - if you're already registered, the jump to 5 is free.

More Updates - Version 5.1

We continue to introduce new and powerful features to Karaoke Builder Studio
Click here to see what we added to version 5.0, our biggest update ever
Click here for more information about version 5.1, available now

Karaoke Builder Studio - STILL the Gold Standard for Karaoke CD+G Software

The secret is out - major karaoke CD+G companies now choose Karaoke Builder Studio as their main production tool. Now you can build karaoke tracks just like the professionals, with software which is simple to use yet includes a powerhouse of valuable tools, all ready when you need them.

Tracks created with Karaoke Builder Studio will play in any karaoke CD+G machine. Karaoke hosts can add new songs, singers can bring along their own custom-built creations, and professionals can use Karaoke Builder Studio to master unique, commercial-quality CD+G discs. Or if you just want to sing along at home with friends and family, Karaoke Builder Studio is for you!

Audio Toolkit - remove vocals and much, much more!

Audio Toolkit is a powerful utility you can use to to edit, convert and transform your audio tracks in many different ways. Removing vocals from an audio track is just the tip of the iceberg. With Audio Toolkit you can apply multiple audio effects, listening and adjusting them in real time, before creating new tracks in a wide range of popular audio formats.

Audio Toolkit is the perfect companion to Karaoke Builder Studio, or use it on its own. Download the trial version now and see for yourself.