Karaoke Builder Studio5.1.260Karaoke Builder Studio iconThe gold standard for karaoke CD+G software. The tool of choice for professionals and home users alike. If you want to create karaoke tracks as good as (or better than) the discs played at your local karaoke show, choose Karaoke Builder Studio.DownloadBuy Now
Karaoke Builder Audio Toolkit1.0.247Karaoke Builder Audio Toolkit iconA powerful utility to edit, convert and transform your audio tracks in many different ways, including an all-important vocals remover.DownloadBuy Now
Karaoke Builder Classic2.1.060Karaoke Builder Classic iconCreate CD+G slideshows to jazz up your existing collection of karaoke music, or to make a karaoke show sparkle.DownloadBuy Now
Karaoke Builder Player5.0.528Karaoke Builder Player iconPlay your collection of CD+G and MP3+G tracks with Karaoke Builder Player, the fastest and best karaoke player around. And it's free!DownloadFREE!
All Karaoke Builder software titles - Studio - Audio Toolkit - Classic - Player - are fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11.

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