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Karaoke Builder Studio 5.1.260 USD $99.00 Buy Now
Karaoke Builder Audio Toolkit 1.0.247 USD $39.00 Buy Now
Karaoke Builder Classic 2.1.060 USD $69.00 Buy Now
Karaoke Builder AUDIO Bonus Pack
Karaoke Builder Studio + Audio Toolkit
Save $9 when you buy both titles together
USD $129.00 Buy Now
Karaoke Builder STUDIO Bonus Pack
Karaoke Builder Studio + Karaoke Builder Classic
Save $39 when you buy both titles together
USD $129.00 Buy Now
Karaoke Builder TRIPLE Bonus Pack
KB Studio + Audio Toolkit + KB Classic
Buy ALL THREE together and save $68
USD $139.00 Buy Now
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11

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+How will my registration be delivered?
Your unlocking information for registering the software will be sent to you by email as quickly as possible. Note that this information will be sent manually so you should wait for up to 24 hours. In practice your unlocking information will usually be ready for use much quicker than that, although non-UK users should remember to take into account any time difference. If it's 4am here you may have to wait until we wake up!
+What if my registration doesn't arrive?
It's possible that your registration email may have been diverted into a 'spam' folder by your email provider. Please check there first. If it's not there, please contact us and we can arrange for delivery to a different email address if necessary. If you don't have another email address you can easily set one up for free online. Try Hotmail or Yahoo, which rarely lose our emails. Be assured that we always reply to queries about missing registrations, so if you don't hear from us it's not because we're ignoring you!
+What if I lose my registration?
Accidents happen, computers sometimes stop working, and if you've had to replace your equipment, the last thing you want to do is pay for all your software again. If you've lost your registration, for whatever reason, please let us know and we'll be only too happy to send it to you again. As always, no charge.
+Can you send me a boxed version?
All software purchases are internet-only - we do not provide 'boxed' versions. This is the standard way to buy from most software companies, and it allows you to download the latest version as soon as it's released. Please do not ask us for boxed versions, simply because they don't exist!
+Are updates really free forever?
Yes. Once you've registered you won't have to pay again (unless you buy a different product of course). When you see a new version of the software on our web site, simply download it, install it, and re-apply your original registration. Free - forever.

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