The Slides window will turn your images into CD+G format, with customised special effects. You can build up a series of slides, each of which can appear on top of the other to replace what's underneath.

A CD+G slide show could be anything - photos from previous shows, a sequence advertising your karaoke services, or a countdown to the start of the show.

Multiple slides have been added, and optimised so that they all use the best possible palette of colours. Other options can change the timing and position of the image on screen. Special effects determine how the images are displayed, moving from one to another.

Choose a special effect to switch from one slide to another. There are over 70 effects built into Karaoke Builder Classic: 70+ special effects allow you to display your images for maximum impact. Each effect is shown as you select it, so you'll see exactly how it will look when you build your slideshow.