Audio Toolkit 1.0

Audio Toolkit is a powerful utility to edit, convert and transform your audio tracks in many different ways. With Audio Toolkit you can...

  • Load up your audio library and type in a filter to instantly find the tracks you need, then transform them using all the other powerful options of Audio Toolkit

    Add, remove and select any tracks from your music library, then play or convert your files.
  • Remove vocals from your music - create a music-only track from the original audio, essential if you're using Karaoke Builder Studio to create your own custom karaoke tracks
  • Change the tempo and pitch of any song - if your voice doesn't fit the music, change the music to fit your voice
    Original Audio
    Vocals Removed
    Faster Tempo, Lower Pitch  
  • Add these and many other Audio Effects to your tracks in real time - preview while you play, and add multiple different effects simultaneously

    Multiple effects can be added. The settings for each effect can be adjusted with easy to use sliders. Listen to the changes in real time as you make adjustments.
  • Convert audio files to the most popular and useful formats - WAV, MP3, MP4, WMA, OGG and more, with multiple options to control quality and compression rates, stereo or mono, and more
  • Convert (with effects or without) a single file or multiple files - batch-convert hundreds or thousands of tracks if you like
  • While converting, rename your tracks using their tag information, automatically creating folders for artists and albums
  • Rip a CD - convert the whole CD into audio files, correctly named and tagged
  • Edit the tags on your audio tracks, individually or changing multiple tracks at once
  • Create new tracks with new tags, while keeping your old music unchanged