Enter Your Lyrics

When you enter the lyrics of a song they appear exactly as they will look in the finished karaoke track:

As you type in your lyrics (right), empty lines automatically split the song up into pages (bottom-left) and the current page is shown exactly as it will appear when played on a CD+G player (top-left). Notice the / (slashes), which are a simple way of splitting words into syllables.

Empty lines make new pages. Slashes split words into syllables for synchronising.

The Split tab helps make sure your words are split into syllables:

The slash in the word 'mid/night' splits it into two syllables, and other examples are shown here. Alternating colours help you to make sure the words and syllables are set up correctly. You'll be tapping the space bar for each one, so get it right now and synchronising with your music will be straightforward.

For speed, try copying the words from one of the many song lyrics web sites.

You don't even have to use the original words - Karaoke Builder Studio is ideal if you want to translate songs into other languages, or to make a crazy parody song if you think you're good enough!

Once you have the words exactly as you want them, you're ready for the next stage, where you'll tap along with the music to synchronise your lyrics.