Synchronise to Music

As you listen to the song, press the Space Bar at the point where the word (or syllable) is to be sung. You simply tap in time with the music - it's as easy as that.

If you make a mistake, go back a page so that you won't have to start from the beginning.

For fast tracks you can reduce the playback speed to make absolutely sure that you are able to keep up.

Each word or syllable is coloured differently and the next word is highlighted so you know exactly where you are in the track. Dark words have already been synchronised. All it takes is a tap on the Space Bar, in time with the music.

When you've synchronised the whole song, guess what? You're almost done!

If you build the track right now, you'll have a fully-formed karaoke song, with lyrics changing colour in time with the music, ready to be burned to disc and played on a karaoke machine, or displayed on your computer with the Karaoke Builder Player.

But you can do more, much more, with Karaoke Builder Studio 5.1, as the following pages will explain.