Karaoke Builder Studio lets you create slideshows of images to add to your track. With over 70 special effects to cross-fade between pictures, plus the ability to easily add text to your slides (same show, different text - ideal for Intro screens where only the title changes), you won't find anything like this anywhere else.

Typical slideshows created with Karaoke Builder Studio:

This slideshow contains only one image, but each slide is different because text is added onto each one. With a mixture of pictures and text, you can make very effective Intro screens for your track, or even add slideshows within the track itself, perhaps to show an instrumental break, for example.

A typical karaoke track as it would appear in Karaoke Builder Player, or on a karaoke CD+G machine.

Multiple images, coupled with customisable text and a choice of 70+ special effects. The possibilities are endless.