Fine Tune Display/Remove Points

Karaoke tracks do three things: display words, change the colour of the words as you sing, and finally remove the words again.

The Display/Remove tab lets you adjust the time at which each line appears on screen, and the point at which it's removed again. This is important for tracks where pages 'overlap' - while you're singing the lines at the bottom of the page, those at the top are removed and replaced with lines from the next page.

Karaoke Builder Studio lets you edit the points at which text is displayed and removed. If you don't like the automatic settings (which are calculated so that most people don't need this screen at all), you can change them here.

You can also embed Slideshows within the track itself. So instead of a simple note saying 'Instrumental Break', you could have a picture and a countdown to tell the singer when the break will end. The possibilities for customising are endless.

The orange bars tell you when the lyrics change colour (use the 'Lyrics Wiping' tab to edit those timings). The grey bars show you when each line is displayed and removed. Notice that in this example the first 3 lines of a new page are displayed while the last line of the old page is still being sung. If you want to display those lines earlier, drag the edges of the grey boxes to the left (or for later, drag them right).

These are options for more advanced users, and as always you don't have to go into this much detail if you don't want to. But the 'power options' are always there if you need them.